Lamelle Facial Treatments
  • *NEW* Purity Treatment R460
  • Beta Peels
    15% R660
    20% R770
    *NEW* 30% R880
  • Beta Plus Peels
    15% R660
    20% R770
  • Beta Spot Treatment R160
  • Retinol R150
  • Lactifirm Peel
    30/10 R650
    90/10 R750
  • Lactifirm Peel R590
  • Alpha Peels
    20% R650
    30% R710
  • Retistore Peel R1000
  • Retistore Plus Peel R1350
  • *NEW* TCA Peels
    10% R950
    15% R1350
    Spot Treatment R200

Derma Pen
  • Consultation (Deductible from Treatment) R150
  • Full Face R1500
  • Eye Area R550
  • Mouth Area R550
  • Neck Area R750
  • *NEW* Spot/Body Treatments – POC

Nimue Facial Treatments
  • Deep Cleanse R460
  • Therapeutic Treatment R380
  • Active Rejuvenating Treatment R635
  • Student Cleanse R350
  • *NEW* SRC – Skin Resurfacing Complex R750

Dr Gobac Facial Treatments
  • Supertransforming Anti-Ageing Facial R620
  • Anti-Ageing Intense Facial R360

Nimue Facial Treatments Descriptions

A skin purifying treatment with effective results

This pampering treatment is customised to specific skin needs

An active treatment to facilitate dermal rejuvenation, reduction in pore
size, texture refinement and overall skin improvement

A skin purifying treatment for teens aged 18 and under

Progressive & superficial resurfacing of the skin, stimulating epidermal growth through the removal of damaged layers of the stratum corneum

Derma Pen Treatments Descriptions

Revolutionary micro-needling treatment which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin, visibly improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and trauma scars

Lamelle Facial Treatments Descriptions

Aimed at improving the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, treatment of
congestion, acne and photo-ageing.

A comfortable, superficial salicylic acid chemical peel that is lipid soluble,
anti-inflammatory and highly effective for treating acne, congestion and oily skins.

A light chemical exfoliation to smoothe and tighten the skin, improve
brightness and hydration, and boost overall skin complexion.

A slightly more intense Glycolic acid peel, industry trusted to transform skin
texture, improve and soften fine lines, without any significant side effects

A light chemical peel to improve overall skin complexion and signs of aging,
the product offers painless full epidermal restructuring with minimal side effects

A Retistore Peel with double the concentration of active ingredients for a more
intense but effective peel

Dr Gobac Treatments Descriptions

Aimed at remobilising the skins own healing mechanisms while lifting, firming and toning. The result is active, glowing and radiant skin. The power facial is stimulating and reviving, relaxing the facial expression muscles while plumping and nourishing the skin.